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The Supreme Court lets all of us down

June 25, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

We knew the day was coming but waking up this morning, seeing that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade, was a huge slap in the face, like being doused by freezing water. I've had so many calls already, one with a friend whose life work has been for abortion rights and to save Roe, with sobbing activists who cannot believe this day has come.

I was lucky enough to be included in a White House zoom where they underlined what the President said ... that today, the Supreme Court took away a constitutional right and that has never been done before. It is a right that directly affects women but it can affect the rights of all. The President did two things within his power...he promised that women who travel to get an abortion will be protected and that all women will have access to available drugs, including birth control. But women of color, low-income women, and young girls are especially at risk.

Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O'Malley Dillon summed it up perfectly when she said, "This was expected but it feels so much worse." Yes it does.

What can we do? My first call was to my activist friend, the woman who helped us set up DemOC Pac, my mentor. Her first words? "This is a call to action. EVERYONE MUST VOTE!" She told me that there will be a Constitutional Amendment on California's November Ballot (it is currently on it's way) that will put Roe in the California State Constitution. It is already California State law.

Even more critical, as the President said, Congress can and must codify Roe. It has already passed the House, but must pass the Senate. What does that take? Today, there are more than 50 votes to pass it (including Manchin, Murkowski and Collins), but not enough to end the filibuster. So again, we MUST elect a Democratic House and Senate, and those Democratic Senators must be committed to ending the filibuster once and for all.

It is a sad, sad day. Our work is ahead of us, to protect our daughters and our granddaughters. And with this "corruptly seated majority on the Court" in the words of Congresswoman Madeline Dean (D-PA) we have to protect all of our rights, because right-wing extremists are not just after women.

I do look forward to coming together with you next Wednesday, to talking about what is happening and how we are going to proceed. "Today", as Rep. Dean said, "girls and women have been stripped of their fundamental rights." We need to work together to build a brighter future, again.


Meeting Next Wednesday!

June 24, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Last night I wrote the email below. I was going to hit send on the way to my meeting this morning. As usual, I turned on MSNBC and WHAM! The Supreme Court's 6-3 decision to strike down New York's gun law which will likely limit all states abilities to restrict guns outside the home. What???

Then I heard about the real threats on the lives of many on the January 6 committee?!?

What world do we live in? Our lives are being run by the 35% of the nation who remain dedicated to Donald Trump and by Mitch McConnell. This 70% of the Republican Party is openly illiberal and dedicated to taking away individual rights. It is heinous and we MUST STAY ACTIVATED. As the sane 65-70% of the nation, we need to stand up and defend our democracy.

Below is the note I was writing about my Mom, who if she were still alive would say, "Let's get moving. There's a lot to do. Get active. Don't dither."

I seldom write about my mother, who died just two years ago. RickaLee was born just after the Depression and she and my grandmother were a huge influence on me politically. They both were feminists and activists in their own way, my mother involved in OC's feminist movement from the moment she arrived here. She was one of the founders of Women For with Vivian Hall and Molly Lyon and was a huge supporter of Vivian Hall when she ran for Congress against the evil Robert Badham in 1976...Vivian got an amazing 40% of the vote in that landmark election.

My mother was a teacher, a union member who walked the picket line. She was an inspiration to me and taught me and supported me every step of the way. Last night, when I was watching Lawrence O'Donnell's tribute to Mark Shields, it reminded me of my mother. I know she was a fan of Shields and they saw the world in much the same way: Do good, affect people who need you, they needn't know your name. His heroes were hers too.

She read the Sunday paper cover to cover and watched all the news every night. When I went to her house, I had to turn down whatever news show she and my dad were watching.

What would she say now? That the Juneteenth holiday was a win and we should celebrate that. That finally, a gun control bill came out of the Senate and that they'd better pass it. It is about time. Schools are no place for teachers to carry guns. And we'd better convict all the scum that hung out with Trump and Trump himself. (I will not write the words she used to describe Trump). She wouldn't say much right now because she would be glued to the hearings, as most of us are.

My mom motivates me every day to continue the fight. Because our democracy is so worth saving. For all of us, for our ancestors and for our children and grandchildren.

Sarah Jakle makes me want to save democracy and I look forward to joining with you next Wednesday when she speaks to us. And when we talk about all that is taking place at this momentous time in our history.

All of our candidates are working to save democracy so please, hit the button below and join the PAC, give to the PAC, and keep on giving. There is nothing more important than this cause right now.

Be sure to RSVP to this event by replying to this email or write to I really look forward to seeing you. It will do us so much good to gather together.


PAC Meeting June 29!!!

June 13, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Member,

Much has happened in the last week. We had a primary election and, though our Democratic candidates Jay Chen, Mike Levin, Asif Mahmood, and Katie Porter made it through, it is clear that we are going to have be super active and involved to win the OC House races in November. And of course, nationally, but we will address that later.

The Senate on Sunday announced that the bipartisan group has agreed on a mild form of gun legislation, focused more on mental health and school security than actual gun safety measures. The gun measures are said to include some form of background checks and will allow more time to check potential gun buyers who are flagged by an initial check. Thankfully, there is said to be more. It is certainly not enough but it is a beginning.

On Thursday, the Jan. 6th Committee public hearings is hard to take your eyes off of them. The two-hour start on Thursday, which focused only on Chair Bennie Thompson and Vice Chair Liz Cheney and two witnesses, was gripping. We are all hopeful that the hearings will lead to charges against Trump's many enablers and Trump himself (the conspirator-in-chief).

If you haven't read the article by Margaret Atwood, this is her response to the Supreme Court leak on Roe v. Wade. It's a quick and good read.

I am excited about our PAC meeting June 29 and look forward to seeing all of you. We will gather together as we are joined by the inspirational activist, former Outreach Director of Field Team 6, and current founder and director of "DemocraShe," Sarah Jakle. Being in Sarah's presence is motivation in itself! I know we all will enjoy being together and hearing from her!

Please be sure to RSVP to this event by replying to this email.