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January 15, 2022
Dear Democpac Members and Friends,
The Republicans have been busy re-writing history, first distancing themselves from January 6 and then lying about it; embracing the Big Lie about the election and becoming unrecognizable as any sort of patriots. They are less and less recognizable as the Republicans we once knew having no connection to the Constitution or to the truth.
In actuality, the Senate Democrats have 48 full-fledged members who will vote for Voting Rights and Build Back Better, which includes critical measures on climate. We have to buckle down to win Congress again in 2022, adding to our Senate total and protecting our majority in the House. Yes, the pundits will say off-year elections go against the party with the White House. But these are not ordinary times. 
This election and 2024 are about saving democracy – if we don’t do that, nothing else matters.
To that end, all of us need to put aside between a meaningful portion of our monthly budgets to help DemOC PAC and other worthy groups beat the Republicans before they beat us. Yes, we are tired of COVID, and tired of the political noise, but we need to step up. Keep yourself sane by reading less online and watching fewer MSNBC and CNN shows. Use that time for connecting with your family and friends, to participate in activities that are meaningful to you and to volunteer. The campaigns will need us.

Please join DemOC PAC for 2022 NOW.
We have a new dues can donate annually or monthly.

$125 - Activist
$250 - Good Troublemaker
$500 - Blue Tsunami
$1,000 - Rockstar

DemOC PAC is a democratic organization. We have a history of giving to candidates in the County, around California and the country in tight races who need our money. Our Political Research Committee is experienced and knows how to find and assess these races and we are known for our political savvy. People look to us. All members are entitled to vote on every dollar we donate. We have very low overhead as our only expense is our accountant and our website.

Thank you for joining, thank you to those who have already joined. We have much to do, we have lofty goals and we need everyone to step up and help. Now more than ever!


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, January 25, when we are joined by Congressman Mike Levin!

Update your calendars!

January 12, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

I hope everyone is well. This virus do-over is wearing and I, for one, am having a difficult time keeping myself inside. I want to see people, socialize, hug...but for now, I am trying to enjoy a few more television shows I missed, reading (fewer newspapers and more fiction) and trying to pull myself away from cable news. This will pass and we will be back in person soon. Just not as soon as we had planned.

Keep your calendars out...things have changed a bit. Our first meeting of 2022 will still be on Thursday, January 26 at 6:00 pm by Zoom and we are thrilled to be joined by our Congressman Mike Levin. Mike has has work cut out in his upcoming race. Mike is such a good friend and he is always lively and interesting. (Katie Porter will still join us, but that will be in February and we are planning to be person...see below.)

Good news yesterday...President Biden's speech in Georgia was tough and moving on Voting Rights. He dared Senators Manchin and Sinema to choose the side of history with Martin Luther King and Lincoln and not George Wallace and the Confederacy. Manchin wrote the current Voting Rights bill being considered by the Senate so that puts additional pressure on him to do the right thing. Biden noted that 16 of the current sitting Republican senators voted for the extension of the Voting Rights Act and even the once fierce segregationist Strom Thurmond voted for it. The pressure is on to do a carve out on the Filibuster and to pass the Voting Rights bill. With some good luck we might get the votes of those two recalcitrant Senators and pass legislation that could literally save democracy.

We can't wait to get together on the 26th, talk to Mike and get this party started! Until then, stay well!


Happy New Year...Please note schedule changes

January 06, 2022
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

As we mark the anniversary of January 6 Insurrection, it is so clear to all of us that saving our democracy has been left to the Democrats and a very few Republicans. I am grateful that Joe Biden gave his fiery speech today. It is shameful and sad that the only Republicans who shared in commemorating this sad day are named Cheney. As we know, it is up to people who are patriots, who believe in what the founders and Lincoln did, to do the work necessary to save our democracy.

I hope it isn't to late to wish you Happy New Year, despite that this is a sad day. I hope you are well and that you are staying safe and warm, mostly in your homes.

First, a few pieces of business. We are changing our meeting dates due to the surging Omicron and I will send an email in the next few days with a new schedule. It seems we will be zooming for yet another month! But we are hoping to meet in person in February!!!

DemOC PAC's new dues structure...premiering soon!

Please take a moment to click on this link and listen and watch Amanda Gorman's glorious poem for the New Year. As much as we are hurt, worried and scared, Amanda Gorman has taken that into account as she faces the new year with hope. I have read and listened to Amanda's beautiful and wise words many times and I have learned from them, I take hope from them and I am inspired by them. (I have also copied the words to her beautiful poem below.)

Just as a youthful and hopeful Amanda Gorman opens this year for us, we said goodbye to an older, funny, wise and generous woman, Betty White, whose tapes I have been addicted to since her death. I love what Sandra Bullock said, "I am going to have to get vodka, a hot dog and rose colored glasses." We are going to need the vodka and rose colored glasses to get us through 2022, that is for sure!

So welcome to 2022, where our work is cut out for us, we are going to need our energy, our poetry, and a strong sense of humor as we work together through the year to win and win back our seats to keep the House and the Senate. This CAN be done and it MUST be done. (Redistricting went much better for the Democrats than the Republicans -- it's basically a wash.) Work has begun and as you have seen from the redistricting, there have been many changes but goals remain the same...WIN BLUE!

Take good care and I look forward to seeing you soon.