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We know that change takes more than just money. We move ahead every month with well-managed, directed activities designed to empower members and generate progress in government.

  • Our monthly meetings attract between 60 and 100 progressive voters and activists, month in and month out. We’re 95% business and 5% social.

  • Volunteer issue-group members dig deeply to examine, resolve and report on controversial problems. Good government requires serious, hard-working representatives. We’re serious about finding and electing them.

  • Prominent candidates and party leaders eagerly accept our invitations to serve as guest speakers and trainers. They take us seriously and we hold them accountable.

  • DemOC PAC members and friends reach out into the community to canvass and register new voters and to work with other political organizations in the planning of large events.

  • You’ll find our DemOC PAC people at nearly every local demonstration and march.
“Activism” can be defined in many ways – and we value them all. At DemOC PAC you will find a fit with your interests and energy level.

We’re action oriented. How do you want to make a difference?

Upcoming Events

hopeful celebration

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Jasmine Creek Community Room

Event Description:

For relaxation, hopeful celebration, talking and winding down

Jasmine Creek Community Room
110 Jasmine Creek Dr., Corona del Mar

Potluck Dinner
(Dinner sign-ups to follow)
$10 per person (to cover the cost of the room)

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Share your skills to support one of our activities. Find out more by contacting:

Membership – Deborah Newquist
Fundraising – Lita Robinow - 714-293-2181
Voter Registration – Julie Tapp