We know that change takes more than just money. We move ahead every month with well-managed, directed activities designed to empower members and generate progress in government.

  • Our monthly meetings attract between 60 and 100 progressive voters and activists, month in and month out. We’re 95% business and 5% social.

  • Volunteer issue-group members dig deeply to examine, resolve and report on controversial problems. Good government requires serious, hard-working representatives. We’re serious about finding and electing them.

  • Prominent candidates and party leaders eagerly accept our invitations to serve as guest speakers and trainers. They take us seriously and we hold them accountable.

  • DemOC PAC members and friends reach out into the community to canvass and register new voters and to work with other political organizations in the planning of large events.

  • You’ll find our DemOC PAC people at nearly every local demonstration and march.
“Activism” can be defined in many ways – and we value them all. At DemOC PAC you will find a fit with your interests and energy level.

We’re action oriented. How do you want to make a difference?

Share your skills to support one of our activities. Find out more by contacting:

Membership – Deborah Newquist
Fundraising – Lita Robinow - 714-293-2181
Voter Registration – Julie Tapp

Upcoming Events

Join us for a lively night.... With all of the major candidates from the 45th and the 48th!

Start Date:



University Synagogue 3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine

Event Description:

Join us for a lively night....
With all of the major candidates from the 45th and the 48th!

Meet. Greet. Ask questions.
Hear their answers, explanations, similarities and differences.
Why are they in the races, why do they stay? Who can win?

From the 45th
Brian Forde. Kia Hamadanchy. David Min. Katie Porter.

From the 48th
Hans Keirstead. Rachel Payne. Harley Rouda. OmarSiddiqui.

This year, we know, more than ever, our congressional races are so important...we must add back the congressional check on the power of the white house and right our ship of state!

Tuesday, may 22
Check in at 6 pm
Program will begin promptly at 6:30 pm
University synagogue*, 3400 michelson drive, irvine
Admission $5.00 members, $10.00 non-members
You can join the pac here. Https://

Rsvp (to this email) appreciated.
*non denominational meeting, all welcome

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