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This is the most crucial election of our lives. Democrats in Orange County are ready.

Joe Biden,
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Kamala Harris,
Vice President
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The time is Now!

September 04, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,
I have revised this letter to you as events have accelerated (which could be every minute!). After the exhilarating Democratic Convention, then the horrifying Republican debacle and endless lies, the shooting of Jacob Blake and Kenosha, the USPS, COVID…always the message is the same. The imperative is that we win this election. It is the message I have been sending repeatedly but the call gets louder and stronger each day…WE MUST!
I have dedicated myself, as have others, until November 3, to working on this winning. Unless we win the White House and the Senate and maintain our majority in the House, our beautiful America will be doomed. 
I am sending you this letter because I know that DemOC PAC is, for me, the best answer to donating to many campaigns. And donate we must because our PAC is one of the best ways to help us win! DemOC PAC has a great track record of making donations where they count! 
Our Political Research Committee is amazing and are experts at choosing the best candidates to support.  I honestly believe that the answer to where to give your campaign donor dollars is to give them to DemOC PAC. See the LIST BELOW where our recent dollars have made a difference, and where, with your help, we plan to give more.  We give to those Democratic candidates who need it most and who need our money to WIN. We give smart, and there is power in our numbers.
We have just two months. But the election really begins when the absentee ballots go out…and that can be 30-45 days before November 3!

Please give more than you think you should, today, to DemOC PAC. Please share this letter with your friends, your family and anyone you know who can give…anything from $10 to $2700 matters!  We are near the finish line -- we must run through the tape -- this is a race where our lives truly depend on us winning. 
As President Obama said – Democracy itself is on the ballot Nov. 3.
Thank you to those who have already given. Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and we look forward to crossing this most important finish line with you.
I appreciate each and every one of you.

CANDIDATES WE HAVE GIVEN TO (and many who we hope to give more to):
Joseph Biden - President - $1,000
Gil Cisneros - Congress - $1,000*
Mike Levin - Congress - $1,000*
Katie Porter - Congress - $1,000* 
Harley Rouda - Congress - $1,000* 
Steve Bullock - against Sen. Steven Daines- MT Senate - $1,000 
John Hickenlooper - against Sen. Cory Gardener- CO Senate - $1,000 
Theresa Greenfield - against Sen. Joni Earnst - IA Senate - $1,000 
Jaime Harrison - against Sen. Lindsay Graham - SC Senate - $1,000 
Sara Gideon - against Sen. Susan Collins - ME Senate - $500*
Cal Cunningham - against Sen. Thom Tillis - NC Senate $500* 
Amy McGrath - against Sen. Mitch McConnell - KY Senate $500
Mark Kelly - against Sen. Martha McSally - AZ Senate $500* 
Doug Jones - trying to hold his seat - AL Senate $500
*Additional donations made previously in 2020

Christy Smith – CA 25 against Republican Mike Garcia
TJ Cox CA 21 to keep the seat Blue
Ammar Campa-Najjar – CA 50 against Republican Darrel Issa
Jon Ossoff – Georgia Senate against Republican Dave Perdue
Senator Gary Peters – Michigan Democratic Senator being challenged by Republican John James
Barbara Bollier, Democratic Senate candidate in Kansas