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This is the most crucial election of our lives. Democrats in Orange County are ready.

Joe Biden,
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The Latest News for you!

October 05, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC members and friends,

The most recent super spreader event seems to have happened in the Rose Garden. The man who chided Vice President Biden for wearing a mask now has his own just desserts and is in the hospital --living with the fear that all COVID-19 patients face. Three Republican Senators, Melania, Chris Christie, and numerous Trump senior staff are ill, along with many innocents. At total of 31 as of this hour. More than 207,000 people have died in the USA and their families have suffered as Trump and his minions continue to deny the severity of the illness. Latest news is that Trump may be released later today. We shall see.

I do wonder if RBG has spoken from above! I'm hopeful this slows, if not stops, the Supreme Court nomination, however doubtful that is.

If you are wondering where to give your donor dollars, please give them to the PAC. If your friends ask where they should give, please direct them to us. Our Political Research Committee is on top of all the campaigns and is doing research every day, every hour to make sure we are giving to the right campaigns. You will see below where our last donations went. Today, more donations were approved and will be announced in our next newsletter.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Thank you for being there. Stay well, and I look forward to seeing you at tomorrow's meeting.