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This is the most crucial election of our lives. Democrats in Orange County are ready.

Joe Biden,
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Kamala Harris,
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Note From Lita!

December 05, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

It is less than 50 days until President-elect Biden is PRESIDENT BIDEN and it cannot come soon enough. It's December, can you believe it? There is a bit of a chill in the air, thank goodness. I hope you are all staying well...I have spoken to several people over the last few days who have COVID or who have been exposed, though none is seriously ill. But it is clear that COVID is spreading. I am hunkering down and am back to shopping online. How about you? Please stay well.

Our fundraising for Georgia was extremely successful! A Big Thank You to all who participated! We raised $6,000 and yesterday we sent $3,000 each to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. As Julie has said below, now is the time to activate, to send cards and letters and make calls to Georgia. If you can carve out some time, please do it. January 5 is the runoff election date and winning is so important for us to succeed with our agenda. Life will just be that much easier and better.

Here's an interesting read about judges. If we don't have the Senate, what will happen?

Also a really interesting piece about the 4-year resistance movement to DUMP TRUMP. It's filled with short interviews with activists, leaders, and folks like us.

Please stay active, stay in touch, and stay tuned...