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This is the most crucial election of our lives. Democrats in Orange County are ready.

Joe Biden,
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Kamala Harris,
Vice President
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Election Day is less than 3 weeks away ...

October 16, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

Election Day is less than 3 weeks away ...

I seriously never believed that it would finally come! And the polls (I know we don't believe them) show today that Biden/Harris lead nationally ... even the state-by-state polls show that they lead. The unimaginable could be happening and still we don't believe. The president gets coronavirus, supports white supremacists, retweets QAnon and the unimaginable happens ... his poll numbers actually drop. Then, the even more impossible happens ... a network anchor, Savannah Guthrie, in her fantastic pink suit, totally grills Trump and stops him in his tracks. In these critical last days, we must match and exceed the energy of Trump and the right. We can and we will!

As we have been saying for nearly four years...We must keep the House, take the Senate and win the White House.

To that end, DemOC PAC has been raising and giving money strategically to federal races since Trump was elected. For the 2020 cycle, we are $5,000 from our goal of $100,000!

We ask each of you to please
AND DONATE $20 (yes, just twenty dollars)
If everyone reading this pitches in
Your $20 donation matters!


Even if you don't regularly donate, if you have never donated, or if you have donated a lot already, please do this now!
You will make a difference! These will be our last, final donations in 2020!

Thank you for your continued involvement and support!

Our Next Meeting
will be very exciting!!!!

We are thrilled to be joined by

Congresswoman Katie Porter
will drop by for a quick visit!

Tuesday, October 27
Time tba (sometime in the dinner hour)
Zoom Link coming

Katie will have a quick chat with us about voting and, of course, her race! Stay tuned...

Join Chris Marx, Chair of our Political Research Committee and Kevin C. O'Leary, Political Science professor and author of the recent book, Madison's Sorrow.

They are both totally conversant in the national races and have followed the Senate races closely. They will talk about what is happening and this will be a conversation we have ready to join in the discussion!

Cannot wait to see you!

Our most recent donations

We have been making donations practically weekly...These are the most recent. As I send this out, more are being voted on. Thank you to those who have joined and donated for your incredible generosity for allowing us to make this happen and to fulfill our vision.

These donations were made October 10:

Biden/Harris $1,000  
Jamie Harrison (SC Senate) $1,000  
Theresa Greenfield (IA Senate) $1,000   
Gary Peters (MI Senate) $1,000  
Steve Bullock (MT Senate) $1,000  
Jon Ossoff (GA Senate) $1,000  
Al Gross (AK Senate) $1,000  

The Latest News for you!

October 05, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC members and friends,

The most recent super spreader event seems to have happened in the Rose Garden. The man who chided Vice President Biden for wearing a mask now has his own just desserts and is in the hospital --living with the fear that all COVID-19 patients face. Three Republican Senators, Melania, Chris Christie, and numerous Trump senior staff are ill, along with many innocents. At total of 31 as of this hour. More than 207,000 people have died in the USA and their families have suffered as Trump and his minions continue to deny the severity of the illness. Latest news is that Trump may be released later today. We shall see.

I do wonder if RBG has spoken from above! I'm hopeful this slows, if not stops, the Supreme Court nomination, however doubtful that is.

If you are wondering where to give your donor dollars, please give them to the PAC. If your friends ask where they should give, please direct them to us. Our Political Research Committee is on top of all the campaigns and is doing research every day, every hour to make sure we are giving to the right campaigns. You will see below where our last donations went. Today, more donations were approved and will be announced in our next newsletter.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Thank you for being there. Stay well, and I look forward to seeing you at tomorrow's meeting.


Post Title - Change Me

September 29, 2020
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

We live in an absolute whirlwind...the loss of our icon RBG has led to the nomination of her polar opposite (except in gender), Amy Coney Barrett and the reprehensible GOP-controlled Senate is planning to push this nomination through prior to the election. Donald Trump will not commit to a peaceful transition of power as he is constantly asserting that the election is rigged. And on Monday, the NY Times did us a favor and the truth came out...we've always known DJT was hiding terrible secrets about his taxes but now we know what they are.

Winning is ever more imperative. This lying, tax dodging, authoritarian CANNOT win. Thank goodness the polls are in our favor. We MUST win the Senate. Thanks to you, our donors, we have been able to give and give and give. Since January 2019, we have raised $90,000 of our $100,000 goal! We are at the 10 yard line. Let's punch it into the end zone! We need to give more to Senate candidates; we need them to win so they can score the democracy-saving touchdown for all of us.

Please, if you can, dig deep (as I did last night) and make your last contribution of the year. Please join me and give to DemOC PAC. For what you have already done, and in advance of giving again, thank you so much! (Link below!)


We are excited to be joined by

Congresswoman Gil Cisneros

Tuesday, October 6
5:30 PM
Zoom Link:

Gil will talk to us about his campaign, how you can help, and what is happening in Congress!

Following Gil's presentation, we will discuss the propositions.

And following that, in our new wine and coffee meeting, we can discuss down-ballot races and anything else you have on your mind.

Cannot wait to see you!
Our Next Meeting