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What is there to left to say?

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

What is there to left to say? How does Trump go to Europe, make enemies of our friends and our NATO partners, (is rude to the Queen!!), thumb his nose at our own Justice Department and intelligence agencies, and cozy up with our long-standing enemy and defend him??? Even Fox News couldn't make sense of it. In my opinion, President Trump should have been arrested when he got off Air Force One instead of returned to the White House.

Where is the Republican's moral code? Congressional Republicans appear shaken, but do nothing. HOWEVER, our chances in November have improved. The worse he does, the better we look. But it is so jarring and getting through each day is sometimes more than any of us bargained for. I hear this refrain all the time: "I thought it couldn't get worse, then it does." Thank goodness we have each other. (Also I listen to "The Daily", the NYT podcast. That helps.)

We certainly look forward to hearing from Harley Rouda on Tuesday evening about his campaign. After Harley speaks, we will again have a discussion about Trump's fiasco of a trip, the Supreme Court nomination and the migrant children. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Details follow....