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Hot Hot Hot!

Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,

This past weekend was one of the hottest of recent memory. I grew up in San Francisco and this weather literally wilts me. Between that and the political climate, I have not been a happy person. On Friday, I met my good friend and political mentor for lunch, where we shared political woes, collaborated about the upcoming elections and discussed how to get through the next months without tearing our hair out. Her best advice…we are activists, we are doing what we can. We must keep working on TURNING THE HOUSE BLUE. Keep doing it and don’t focus on everything you can’t fix. I’m passing this along to you because I found her words to be wise, helpful and energizing. We need to sign up with a campaign, keep giving money, enlist our whatever makes us happy and involved as we make our way to the ballot box in November.

On Saturday, I saw RBG. In addition to being wonderful, educational, enlightening, and empowering, it also gave me hope. Look at what an amazing effect that tiny woman has had on our lives. She points out that we have been through bad times but as a country we have survived. We’ve got to stick with it. Also a great message. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it, feel it and keep Notorious RBG's message of hope with you, as well -- as have all the young people who are so empowered by her! We will get through this, even with the awful Trump.

Speaking of great messages, I have BIG one for you..

DemOC PAC has made donations to three of our
OC Congressional Candidates!!!
We sent $4,000 each to Katie Porter, Harley Rouda, and Mike Levin!

Hooray for them and hooray for us! Thank you to all who have joined the PAC and who have given us money. You made this possible! More donations to come!

If you aren't already a member, please join. Members voted on this decision upon the recommendation of the Political Research Committee. All members have input on how we give our money. We will be making more donations between now and November. We MUST TURN THE HOUSE BLUE to stop this maniacal takeover by Trump and the Republicans. Please consider joining and giving today. Here is the link...

I can't wait to see you at our next meeting
Featuring our Candidate for the 48th Congressional District
Harley Rouda!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
6:30 PM
University Synaguge
3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine
$5.00 per person ($10 if possible so we can raise more $$!)

We will also:
Have reports from representatives from our other Congressional races
Discuss the Supreme Court nomination and how our winning the Congress is more important than ever before (if that is possible)
Our plans for future activism and donations
Continue our discussion about the Migrant Families

We look forward to seeing you there!