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Democrats and all of Orange County suffered a huge loss with the death of Frank Barbaro...

Yesterday, Democrats and all of Orange County suffered a huge loss with the death of Frank Barbaro, longtime Orange County Democratic Party leader, prominent trial attorney, two-time OC Democratic Party Chair and a person who could always be found with a crowd surrounding him at any Democratic gathering. An early member of DemOC PAC, Frank was warm, kind and gracious and he was, most certainly, a leader. Unlike too many in politics today, Frank reached across the aisle and found friends on both sides. In reading his obituary, I loved the part where he worked as skipper “Fearless Frank” on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise. His bio reads, “Frank was Walt’s favorite jungle cruise narrator and allowed him to escort John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and many other celebrities through the Jungle Cruise.” How great is that!

Please read our friend (and recent speaker) Melahat Rafiei's moving tribute/Op Ed to Frank:
Our thoughts are with Frank's family during this difficult time.

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On a happier note, our new members of Congress have hit the 100-day mark and we look forward to hearing Representative Mike Levin (CA-49) tell us about his first 100 days and more when we meet together next week. Please come early to gather in our PAC committees and then meet with Mike and bring your questions!

Mike sits on two key environmental committees: the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. He is also a member of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs.

Congressman Mike Levin

Tuesday, April 23

6:00 PM

University Synagogue
3400 Michelson Drive
$5.00 members, $10 non-members

Prior to Mike's arrival, we will hold our first committee meetings of the year. Join us as we gather and begin our activism and plans for the important work we are doing this year and in 2020!

(Please join any committee that interests you!)
Committees are:
Speaker's Bureau
Presidential Candidates 2020
Fundraising/Event Planning
Get engaged, get involved!

Please RSVP by replying to this email! (requested but not required)
For more information contact 714-293-2181
We look forward to seeing you there!
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,
Since the Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday the newspaper spirit moved are a few good articles. Enjoy!

Jennifer Rubin is irresistible!

A fascinating article about Elizabeth Warren's political beginnings...she was an economic conservative until her research into the reality of bankruptcy changed her profoundly.

In case you missed Katie Porter taking apart Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon, you can watch her here, along with a snippet on Lawrence O'Donnell.



The campaigns are starting fast and furious. We thought we had a break but we don't...the campaigns are in full swing and DemOC Pac jumped right in and took the lead....last month we made our first donations to our own Congressional Candidates!!!

We are reminded that all of our congressional seats have been targeted by the Republicans for 2020, and Katie Porter now has opponents. We are fundraising for those races and others, as we gather memberships and donations. If you have already joined (or rejoined) the PAC, thank you so much.

If you haven't yet joined DEMOC PAC, please join today!
We are going to raise more money than ever before but we cannot do that without your help.
Give now, give monthly, and please, give a generous amount. We need to support our local candidates and Democrats around the country. We must turn the nation BLUE in 2020.
DemOC PAC has minimal overhead, so nearly all of every dollar raised goes directly to candidates.
We hope that MONTHLY GIVING will allow more people to give more to the PAC in total by making ongoing payments, as you would to your favorite public radio station. Membership is for one calendar year and membership fees and donations support Democratic candidates. 
Benefits of belonging to DemOC PAC include voting to direct the allocation of funds, electing PAC officers, and receiving discounted pricing at meetings and special events.

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Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings, to working with you and to many successful campaigns in the next year!

Lita Robinow, Chair DemOC PAC
Deborah Newquist, Chair, Membership Committee