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Maxed Out!

We're one day away from the New Year and we have some very exciting news. DemOC PAC has given an additional $3,000 to OC Congresspeople Mike Levin, Katie Porter and Harley Rouda. As a result, we have "MAXED OUT" to our local Democratic Congresspeople...we have given the maximum amount allowed of $5,000 before the primary!!!! That was one of our 2019 goals and it feels AMAZING to have reached it! Thanks to everyone who pitched in extra funds this year. I am so proud of our group!! 

In 2020, with your participation, we plan to raise (a lot) more money!

Join us for our first meeting of 2020, when we discuss the very important March 3 County Board of Education Election. Did you know that decisions by your local boards of education are being overruled by this County Board of Ed?
And that right-wing groups aim to take over our County Board of Ed so that they can bring more Charter Schools into Orange County? We don't usually lose our focus on Federal Elections in our meetings, but this issue is far too important to skip.

Beckie Gomez

Current Member, OC Board of Education
and Candidate (for 1 of the 5 seats)
will join us to discuss this critical race.


(read this article for more information on the Bd. of Ed race)

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

7:00 Speaker
University Synagogue
3400 Michelson Drive, Irvine
$5 members, $10 non-members

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lita and the DemOC PAC crew!
Dear DemOC PAC Members and Friends,
Get on the Bus for the 2020 OC Women’s March!
January 18, 2020 (10am-1pm)
It has been three years since we joined some 20,000 others in the streets of Santa Ana for the first Women's March. During that time, our children and our rights have been stripped away from our sisters around the country and the world. With 2020 upon us, this is the year we can and must push back, and change the tide of extremism that has been attacking the basic human dignity of women and girls.
Orange County is being closely watched by Republicans hoping to turn back the blue wave of 2018. We must turn out in force and solidarity in 2020, which is the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Join DemOC PAC friends on the bus for the Women’s March….
$20 per person, space is available
Tickets must be purchased by January 14, 2020
Use this link and in comments say "Bus", which will meet in Irvine. Further instructions to follow.

We thought you might be interested in attending an upcoming Better Angels Workshops. Better Angels is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce political divisions by promoting civil discourse and better understanding between liberals and conservatives.
Thursday, January 2, 5:30 - 8pm Introduction to Better Angels, Irvine, CA – FREE
An Introduction to Better Angels – Join us for an evening of learning, engaging, and
expanding our capacity for respectful conversation about critical issues. Let’s Start the New Year Building A House United
• Hosted by former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom
• 5:30-6:30 pm: Light refreshments and socializing
• 6:30-8:00 pm: Program
Sign up here:
Saturday, Feb. 29, 9:30am - 4:30 pm, Red/Blue Workshop, Irvine , CA – FREE
Red/Blue Workshops bring together 5-7 Republican or conservative-leaning citizens and 5-7
Democratic or liberal-leaning citizens for a day of structured, civil conversation. You can sign up as a participant or a silent observer. This unusual workshop will help you find areas of commonality, understand the other side of the political divide better, and learn things that might be helpful in preparation for canvassing in 2020!
• FREE, with donations welcomed
• Pot luck lunch
• Location details will be provided upon registration 
Sign up here